Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Shower and Appointment Update

My baby shower was a huge success! I had a really good time, there was a big turn out and it was so nice getting to visit with everyone. I hope everyone that came had a good time as well. We played the "Don't Say Baby" clothespin game and everyone played gift bingo, which had the guests fill out a card about the gifts they thought I would get and then play bingo while I was opening them. I think everyone really enjoyed that!

I took a few pictures, and even though it felt like I was taking a ton, I didn't take near as many as I thought I did!

My sister and I with our bumps! I am due 8 days apart. I think this dress makes it clear that this baby is front and center!

My Mom with her two pregnant daughters!

There was a lot of yummy food, which was great news to this pregnant lady. Broccoli cheddar soup, vegetable beef soup, chili, pimento cheese sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, a vegetable tray and chips and dip. We ate very, very well!

 The punch was delicious! It was blue and the duckies looked so cute floating in it. 

I also had an appointment today and it went well. Everything is checking out great, my midwife said I was very boring, so I take that as pretty fantastic news. Since I am getting closer to my due date, and because I've noticed movement in different places, I asked my midwife to check the position of the baby. She had me lay down flat and had me feel where the back, butt, knees and legs were. The good news is that baby is head down! It's still early, and she made it very clear that the position is subject to change, but I was happy to know that baby is head down so early!

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