Sunday, November 25, 2012

25 Week Pregnancy Update--and a New House

After keeping it a secret since June, I can now share the news that we bought a house! We moved in over the course of two days and we are very excited, even though moving is terrible and overwhelming. We moved a mile up the road into an older house. According to the deed, the house was built in 1896. It still has a lot of the original wood work, doors, hardware, etc. It's 3800 square feet and I'm still trying to get adjusted to living in such a big house!

The previous owners lived here for 32 years and moved to Nashville to be closer to their daughters and grandchildren. They are so sweet and even left us a fruit basket and a frozen pizza for our first night here. Buying a house and moving is very, very stressful and I'm so glad to finally be moved in! I'll post pictures as soon as we get completely moved in. We are also planning on doing some serious redecorating, so expect some before and after posts as well!

It's been about 2 1/2 weeks since my last pregnancy update so I thought it was time to have another one.

How Far Along: 25 weeks, 4 days

Due date: March 6th

Gender: No idea!

Names: Not sharing until we are 100% sure.

Weight Gain: 7 pounds--but I haven't weighed myself since Thanksgiving, that number might be a little higher next time I step on the scale!

Maternity clothes: I'm wearing a mix of maternity and regular. Most of my tops are getting too short and each week my wardrobe is getting more and more limited, I need to do some serious maternity shopping.

Stretch Marks: I have a scar to the right of my belly button that's turned into a little mark and a couple more light marks on my side. I expected them, but I hope they don't get too bad!

Sleep: Sleep is getting harder. It does help with the new house that we upgraded to a king sized bed.  I can sleep through the night without peeing, but turning over is a challenge. I feel like a doll with a weighted bottom, only in my belly.

Movement: I feel the baby moving a lot, especially at night when I'm laying still.

Missing anything: Being able to move quickly. I've noticed in the past couple of weeks it takes a tiny bit more effort to get off the couch and roll over in the bed.

Food cravings: I've really been craving fresh fruit, but this a bad time of year for it :(

Food Aversions: I really don't have any food aversions any more.

Symptoms: I've started to notice aching in my hips and legs. It's not too bad but I can really tell if I push myself too hard. Thanksgiving day we were trying to move as much as we could to the new house. I packed several boxes and was on my feet for most of the day. By night time my feet, hips and back were hurting so bad I couldn't lay on the couch. I also got heartburn for the first time ever! I've noticed the biggest triggers are fried foods, so I've been trying to avoid them.

Looking forward to: The 3rd trimester--it has came so fast! I can't believe I'm almost 27 weeks pregnant!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

24 Week Appointment

Tuesday was my 24 week appointment. Everything is still going great! The baby had a heartbeat of 148 and my belly measured 24 weeks on the nose.

The last two appointments I have been to have been a part of the Centering Pregnancy program at the hospital. It's a program that starts around 20 weeks until the end of your pregnancy. You go to your appointment and instead of waiting in the lobby to see the midwife you go straight back to a "group" appointment. The nurse is there to check your weight and blood pressure, and there's a screen up with a big comfy chair for the midwife to check the heartbeat, measure your uterus, and answer any questions that are specific to you. Afterward everyone has all the medical stuff checked out, we sit around and talk about different aspects of pregnancy.

So far we've only had two appointments and they have both been a pretty good time. There are about 8 girls in our group and we're all due late February to mid March. I love that after an hour drive I actually have a substantial appointment instead of just the quick medical stuff. I really feel like everyone benefits from it. The midwives there are very supportive of natural birth as well--which is extremely important to me.

My next appointment is December 4th and after that I start going every two weeks. I really can't believe I am to that point already! Which reminds me...Wednesday I crossed a BIG milestone, VIABILITY! While I want this baby to keep cooking for a while, it's some what comforting to know if baby comes early he or she has a fighting chance. This also marks the point in pregnancy where I start counting down instead of up. Less than 16 weeks left!! It's going by so fast! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

23 Week Pregnancy Update

We had a great Halloween! This is a picture of me, my mother-in-law and my two sisters-in-law at my sister-in-law's Halloween party. I was a pregnant cowgirl! Josh dressed up like a nerd!

Rudy was a fireman and he had a great time trick-or-treating. He loved dressing up and asked to wear his fireman costumes for days afterward.

Now for a quick pregnancy update. :)

How Far Along: 23 weeks, 1 day

Due date: March 6th

Gender: No idea!

Names: We are set on a girl name and a first name for a boy, but we haven't really talked much about a middle name for a boy yet.

Weight Gain: 6.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: I can still wear some of my regular clothes but maternity clothes are sooo much more comfortable and actually really cute. I'm wearing a mix of maternity and regular. A lot of my tops are starting to get too short though and I can only fit into two pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Sleep: I am still sleeping pretty good. I can sleep through the night without having to pee and the only issue I have is that my arms and legs fall asleep a lot quicker if they're in a weird position.

Movement: I feel the baby move all the time! Josh felt the baby from the outside last was very exciting!

Missing anything: I still would love a margarita! Today I went to the grocery store and my mouth was watering for a turkey and cheddar Lunchable. I am avoiding deli meat during this pregnancy because of the risk of listeria, but that Lunchable sure looked good!

Food cravings: The previously mentioned Lunchable! I still crave a lot of fruit and I've also been craving chips and salsa.

Food Aversions: I am slowly easing back into eating cucumbers but yogurt is waaaay out of the question.

Symptoms: I'm not sure if it's the hectic schedule I have right now or what, but I have been feeling so fatigued lately. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. I've also had a few "pregnancy brain" brain moments--like the other day when I couldn't remember the word for "peel" an egg. I called it "pre-shelling an egg."

Looking forward to: 24 weeks...also known as viability day. Of course I hope baby stays in there to cook for a while longer but it will give me a little bit of comfort to know that if baby comes early he/she will have a fighting chance.