Thursday, December 13, 2012

28 Week Pregnancy Update

This is me at 27 weeks, 1 day.

So it's been a couple of weeks since I've updated! Let's just say I've been super busy. Between getting ready for Christmas, work, settling into the new house and FINALS (ugh!), I haven't really had much time for blogging. Thankfully I finished my last final last night and I have a lot of Christmas shopping done, so hopefully life will calm down a little bit.

I had an appointment on the 4th and everything went pretty well. We had to take the 1 hour glucose test which involved drinking FIFTY GRAMS of sugar and having your blood drawn an hour later. I didn't eat anything the day of the test, but I had went a little candy crazy the day before and unfortunately I failed the 1 hour test. My sugar after one hour was 150 and the cut off is 135 so I had to go in for a 3 hour test. I wasn't too worried because 150 is at the low end of "high" numbers and because the 1 hour test has a lot of false positives. 

I went in Tuesday for the 3 hour test, where I had to fast for 12 hours beforehand. They drew a vial of blood and also tested it with a glucose meter. My fasting number was 82, which is good considering normal is 80-120. Then I had to drink another drink with ONE HUNDRED grams of sugar. I had my blood drawn every hour for the next three hours. They drew a vial each time, but only tested on the glucose meter again at the last time. Three hours after drinking the drink my sugar was 103, which is in the normal range and I personally think is pretty good after drinking 100 grams of sugar. 

How Far Along: 28 weeks, 1 day

Due date: March 6th

Gender: No idea!

Names: Not sharing until we are 100% sure.

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Maternity clothes: Very, very few of my regular clothes still fit me. Mainly my shirts are just too short. I broke down the other day and bought some more maternity clothes from Old Navy. I love Old Navy for maternity clothes because they are comfortable and affordable. I'm always able to find a sale or coupon to get clothes for a good price. I'm waiting anxiously for them to arrive!

Stretch Marks: No new ones!

Sleep: I'm still sleeping pretty well. I am very surprised because I am still able to sleep on my stomach. I thought stomach sleeping was out of the question when pregnant, but my midwife said as long as I'm comfortable, my body (and the baby) will let me know if I need to change positions. I don't put all of my weight on my belly, most of my weight is supported by my legs/side. So it's like a half stomach/half side position. It sure saves my hips from aching the next morning!

Movement: The baby all the time! I've been able to actually see the baby move from the outside and the baby seems to respond to things that are annoying, like my computer pressed against my belly by a firm kick!

Missing anything: Being able to bend over easily.

Food cravings: I bought a huge box of tangelos, so my fruit craving has been satisfied. :) 

Food Aversions: I really don't have any food aversions any more.

Symptoms: I still have heartburn occasionally, and I've been experiencing "pregnancy brain" moments more and more lately. Nothing too serious though, I'm still fairly comfortable.

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