Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 weeks 3 days!

Today I am pregnant and I love my baby. Deep breath. I am trying to stay extremely positive!

 I found out on June 25th, just 12 days after ovulation that I was pregnant! I was planning on waiting until my missed period to test, but just for the heck of it I woke up one more and decided to test. I completely expected a negative result. Instead, a second line popped up within seconds! I was shocked! I had planned on telling Josh some cute, creative kind of way. I guess I just wasn't thinking clearly because I took a picture on my phone and sent it to him. He was absolutely ecstatic. I was more apprehensive, especially since I was only 3 weeks 5 days at the time. And that is super, super early.

Now it is almost 2 weeks later and things are going great. This pregnancy is a lot different than my last, and for that I am thankful. Last pregnancy I had zero morning sickness, minor symptoms, bleeding and a nagging feeling that I wasn't bringing this baby home. This pregnancy is exactly the opposite. I've been having tummy troubles, extremely sore, heavy boobs and I've been breaking out like a 15 year old boy!

And oh the morning sickness. Already! I started feeling nauseous about 4 days ago. I had official vomiting this morning after eating an apple. Nothing sounds edible to me. I usually love vegetables but the thought of anything green makes me gag. I tried to eat a piece of broccoli the other day and it was the most disgusting thing ever. Also, the "y" word (yogurt) is a cuss word in this house right now. Today I've had have a sleeve of crackers. Even water sounds extremely gross right now. Even though the nausea really sucks (for lack of a better word!) I am thankful for it. Especially since it's so early, the nausea means my hCG is nice and high, which means baby is growing and my pregnancy is strong and healthy. After having no nausea and then a miscarriage, I'll take being sick if it means I get a take home baby!

Speaking of miscarriage, I'm staying positive this pregnancy. I still worry about miscarriage, but I can honestly say it is not my foremost thought. I am hoping, praying, and believing that this is my take home baby. I am taking each day as it comes, and I admit that I check the toilet paper every.single.time for the tiniest speck of blood, but I don't live my day in fear that i'll face the emotional and physical pain of a miscarriage again. 

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